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    12 Tips to Becoming a Successful Procrastinator

      Like most people, you probably determine your level of success by your academic and career goals. The bigger the goal, the more successful you believe you will be once you have achieved it. With so much pressure placed on you to be successful, even one moment not spent working toward your goals starts to […]

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    May 1st Deadline: How to Choose the Best Fit in a College

      The first thing to realize about choosing a college is that the best fit for you is not necessarily the same for someone else, including your friends. There are several considerations to make when selecting a college, and among the most important factors are financial, academic and social aspects of each college. These are […]

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    Not All Financial Aid Types Are Created Equal

      Getting into college is great. Getting money to pay for college is even better. Being buried in debt after you graduate is the worst. Ending up with more student loan debt than you can ever hope to pay off is a common reality that students typically don’t hear about. Throughout the U.S., student loan […]

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    It’s Financial Aid Season and the FAFSA Priority Deadline is March 1st!

    If you are not independently wealthy with your own bank account full of unlimited cash on hand, then this post is for you. Many students make the mistake of thinking only low-income students should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These are the same students who miss out on opportunities for receiving money for college.

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