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9 Last-Minute Dos and Don’ts for College Applications

  Whether you have already begun submitting your college applications, or you are just starting to fill them out, you need help. That’s why you are reading this post about last-minute dos and don’ts for applying to college. Let’s start with mistakes to avoid and end with tips that may help. Common Mistakes Don’t submit […]

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The Three Components Every College Admission Essay Should Have

  You have probably searched online for tips and tricks on how to write your college essay. Although the internet is saturated with information on this topic, many students still have no idea how to effectively write a college admission essay. Getting an ‘A’ in AP English is of limited help if you do not […]

The “No Copycat Formula” of College Admissions

  If you are looking for the magic formula for getting into your top college choice, then you have come to the right place. Let me be the first (or maybe the fifth) person to tell you, there is no cookie-cutter format that guarantees you admission anywhere. Frankly, there are no guarantees. College admissions is […]

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How to Prep for a Career in STEM and Beat Out Your Competition

  Over the years, I have worked with numerous clients who were interested in STEM careers. Many of them have asked me in various ways, how have I been able to be so successful at securing competitive opportunities in STEM. Establishing a STEM career does not happen by accident; you have to build one through […]

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12 Tips to Becoming a Successful Procrastinator

  Like most people, you probably determine your level of success by your academic and career goals. The bigger the goal, the more successful you believe you will be once you have achieved it. With so much pressure placed on you to be successful, even one moment not spent working toward your goals starts to […]