H2D Counseling provides exceptional care and all-encompassing services to help students and families navigate the educational system. Our aim is to remove obstacles, thereby affording students the opportunity to focus on developing the necessary social, emotional and cognitive skills to reach their educational and career goals. As a student advocacy and educational consulting service for K-12 and post-secondary education, we strive to honor the uniqueness of the family unit while protecting each student’s right to an affordable quality education.

Educational Consultant and Advocate

Sumaiya Olatunde, M.A., M.S., N.C.C.

Ms. Olatunde has nearly twenty years of experience as an educational consultant and advocate. Her work with K-12 students is aimed at ensuring they are academically prepared to transition to college. Ms. Olatunde also assists post-secondary students with obtaining advanced degrees and career opportunities. She has worked with a diverse group of students, including those with learning disabilities and interested in STEM fields.

Ms. Olatunde has earned a B.A. in molecular biology from the University of California at Berkeley, a M.A. in anthropology from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and a M.S. in counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Olatunde is a National Certified Counselor and a member of IECA, COPAA and NACAC as well as several other professional organizations.

A Message From Your Educational Consultant/Advocate

As your educational consultant and advocate, my aim is to help you actualize your deepest potential and to assist you in navigating institutions of higher education. Adding my insight to your hard work will help you to reach your goals faster and easier by minimizing the hurdles and maximizing the opportunities.

I will give you guidance and provide you with very specific academic and career strategies to get to the next level and plan your future. This begins with my initial assessment of your situation and continues throughout working together. I will also offer ways for you to collaborate with your teachers, counselors and administrators in order to problem solve and negotiate successful outcomes.

Along the way, I will share my reasoning behind my advice while ensuring that you are the one ultimately deciding your own path. I do this so that, once you are no longer in need of my services, you are able to apply the skills and techniques that you learned with me to your future endeavors.

I understand firsthand your need to pursue your passion, and I have learned that with courage and preparation come great opportunities. While I was a biological anthropology doctoral candidate in good standing at the University of Michigan, I made a deliberate decision to refocus my career on my passion in academic counseling. I left the University of Michigan to obtain a second master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University that was better suited to my career goals. In the end, this was the best career decision that I ever made.

I am able to help you in any field that you choose, and to help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes made by your peers. I have studied a wide range of disciplines at prestigious universities, and I have observed and assisted hundreds of students throughout their educational experiences. H2D Counseling is a great option for you to achieve a competitive edge in your education.


The mission of H2D (High school to Doctorate) Counseling is to help anyone discover his or her individual path to achieving an affordable quality education and pursuing their career interests. In addition to focusing on a client’s goals, H2D Counseling supports its clients in developing a sense of responsibility and respect toward themselves and others. H2D Counseling adheres to high ethical standards and expects the same of its clients.


H2D Counseling’s vision is that every individual is able to successfully obtain a quality education in preparation for future educational and career opportunities that will allow her or him to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Business Manager/Marketing Director

Byron Jamison

Mr. Jamison is the Business Manager and Marketing Director for H2D Counseling. He has extensive experience and training in IT, A/V equipment and systems, web design, sales management, and compiling and drafting financial reports. Mr. Jamison provides these supports and other administrative and operational services to H2D Counseling.


I am totally satisfied with the services we received from H2D Counseling. Our H2D advocate has passion, dedication and a love for success. She helped my daughter get into college, and facilitated special accommodations testing by her high school in the District of Columbia.
Angelique S. (parent)