Testimonials from H2D Counseling students, their parents and professional educators.

High School

Ms. Olatunde was very thorough in her work and in the end helped get me where I needed to be in order to be successful in school, such as the 504 plan. She helped put that together for me. Ms. Olatunde’s ability to communicate advice clearly and effectively was great because she really saw all sides and even introduced new ideas to the table.

Anwar R. (high school student)

I would rate Sumaiya the best of the best. She will never give up on you if you’re willing to try to be better. I have never had a counselor try as hard as she does. Sumaiya doesn’t like to see anyone fail.

Rodolfo Q. (high school student)

Sumaiya helped me apply to schools and she helped me stay on task. She helped me learn how to research schools and what I should be looking for. She helped with my personal statements and made my essays better. I wouldn’t have been able to get everything in on time without her.

Blair M. (high school student)



I was happy that Sumaiya pushed me into the right direction with my resume. She was very supportive and gave great advice. She really knows what she’s talking about and is passionate about what she does. Amazing stress free help. That’s what people need and that’s what Sumaiya gives.

Anthony J. (college student)

Using a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the highest, I would say 10. Even though she hasn’t necessarily been through some of the things I am going through, she always seems to be able to help me find a solution. From suit-shopping, to interview-prepping, to essay revisions, Sumaiya has helped me out a lot. It has been very helpful. From getting an A in that essay, to getting the position I was interviewing for, I have excelled at everything she has helped me with.

Jonathan G. (college student)


I believe Sumaiya is an amazing advisor. She always was the type of person who went out of her way to make sure you were on the right track. She always seemed to work overtime, and always assured you she was there to help and that it was no bother at all. I never felt that she was pushing me in to do something I didn’t want to; everything that she researched for me was about what I wanted to do as my major. I think what I liked most about Sumaiya as an advisor is that she honestly believed in me. I sometimes felt that I wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t be able to go on but she had so much faith in me that I grew to have faith in myself. I learned to be confident and believe in myself even when times got hard thanks to Sumaiya and I honestly never knew how to thank her for that.

Cynthia Q. (college student)

With H2D Counseling’s assistance I was able to get financial aid, get back into school, and have a plan of attack on how to get into the university of my choice, and rebuild my resume to find better employment as well as internships.

Julian B. (college student)


Graduate & Professional School

Sumaiya worked closely with me during the medical school application and interview process. She improved my technical writing skills and helped me construct a career path that led me to becoming a physician.

Jason W. (medical school student)

The assistance I received from H2D Counseling afforded me the opportunity to receive a full merit based fellowship to attend any accredited graduate programme in the United States. Without this, I would not have gained the skills necessary to be in the profession that I am in today!

Halima G. (film school graduate student)

My H2D advisor was instrumental in my return to school to obtain my chiropractic degree. As an older returning student with a wife and a 6 month old son there were many times I questioned if I was doing the right thing. Sumaiya was always there. For her, helping and guiding people is much more than a job, it’s who she is.

Sean J. (chiropractic student)

Sumaiya is an amazing advisor. You know that she is skilled by the way in which she breaks down academia for you. She is an amazing communicator and has a way with people. She helped me edit my dissertation as well as format and edit a book chapter in a very short period of time. Through the telephone and email we discussed my dissertation and my paper at great lengths and then she would send back edits promptly. Sumaiya works fast and sometimes you are not always ready for her. This however motivates the person who is receiving assistance from her to work harder. My writing improved tremendously because of her! I think she is the best mentor I have had.

Martha G. (doctoral student)



Our H2D advocate was able to ensure that tools were put in place at our son’s high school to ensure his success. She maintained close contact and kept us informed throughout the process.

Mary R. (parent)

Our H2D counselor calmly navigated the entire college admissions process, which relieved a lot of stress for her mother and me. She related a cogent and effective plan to get into college, and she motivated my daughter to enthusiastically apply to college. What I liked best was her calm and reassuring stewardship through a stressful time.

Charles M. (parent)



Sumaiya very much puts students first and believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed academically, professionally and personally. She gently pushes and encourages them to do their best. She is honest, compassionate and uniquely gifted in her ability to help others in this role.

Mary Somers, MS, NCC, BCC (Assistant Director of Admissions, Johns Hopkins University)

Ms. Olatunde possesses a deep understanding of the pathways that lead to success in higher education. This is an area where she excels.

John Thiels, MA (Former Director of the Academic Service Center, Terra Community College)